The Watcher

by Lee Rogers



When first released in 2013, there were issues with the sound files for which I'm truly sorry.

This new 2016 remaster has corrected EVERY fault.

The Watcher now comes with the best possible sound reproduction as well as a new 9 page pdf booklet containing new artwork and liner notes.

Release Notes:
I messed up with this release. We didn't handle it very well.
'The Watcher' had a difficult birth. It was completed by the end of 2012 and took quite a few months before it was released. In this time, something went badly wrong with the master files and we ended up releasing a sub-standard product unknown to us that it was just that.

However, making the '3287 Days' compilation meant that I revisited the old master track and stem mixes for this album. Hearing how much it had deteriorated in the master transfer, I was pushed into taking action to sort it all out.

What was thought to be an arduous process suddenly turned into quite a joy to undertake. I'd forgotten just how much I liked this album.
When I was making it, I was aware I was throwing the kitchen sink at it. This was mainly down to the fact that I was flying by the seat of my pants throughout. I didn't think I'd get to make another record so I went all-out on this one.

There's some diverse stuff on here. I don't think I'll ever write a track quite like 'Like Scales Falling From Our Eyes' again. I think it's an incredible track though. All of those dissonant strings and mental 70s Moog solos! What was I thinking?!

The title track was where I put a lot of effort. 15 minutes of many influences, including a bit of Heavy Metal, some sequencer work, more Moog, acoustic and electric solos, LOTS of Mellotron (I love Mellotrons!) and some explosions! Woo!
That kitchen sink was well and truly thrown...

'Panopticon' was also a revelation. It has some weak moments but the sequencer section rocked. Playing drums on this was real fun and getting to mix up the tempos, just a little, gave that section a bit of swing.

In all honesty, it's a lovely little record and I'm quite proud of its construction even in the weaker sections. I had an awful lot of fun making it but, more importantly, this album is the one where I learnt that I could do all of this on my own. I'm forever indebted to it for that.

It's a pivotal album in my development.
LR-Dec 2016


released December 28, 2013

Recorded at Joe's Garage, Norwich, England - January - September 2012
Mixed and produced by Lee Rogers - October 2012

Remastered by Lee Rogers - January/February 2016



all rights reserved


Lee Rogers Norwich, UK

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