Laughing Stock

by Lee Rogers



Effectively a six track album broken up into parts for easier digestion.
The title track is 25:06 long, split into eight sections.

'Laughing Stock' is the first album to incorporate ambient textures and different production techniques whilst maintaining the progressive bedrock of past albums.

Release Notes:
Laughing Stock is quite possibly my most favourite album. It's certainly one of the most cohesive records I've made so far. It was light years ahead in terms of production and instrumentation from anything I'd done before.

It contains my favourite composition 'The King and the Serpent', a track I always think sums up my rather idiosyncratic writing style. The track has some real drama to it, as well as some of my best guitar work. It's not flashy work, more multi-layered and constructed of many overdubs.

I love working in the studio more than I've ever enjoyed playing live. Playing live always has compromises whereas in the studio, you are truly free to create whatever the hell you like.

'Nine Lives' and 'Mirage' worked really well as openers. Maybe I wanted to show off for a bit and 'Nine Lives' gave me that opportunity. 'Mirage' was more layered with the surprise addition of a Zeppelin-esque 'Kashmir' type of thing in the middle.

'Circles On The Water' was the single, if ever there was a single release! It has this epic quality to it, like a western film to my ears. Very easy to write, it fell out in a matter of hours.

I also adore the whole 'Laughing Stock' suite of 8 parts.
It seems really well balanced with the two ambient ideas bookending the whole piece.
I'm glad I split it up as a 25 minute track would've put a few people off from hearing all of its loveliness. At least with it in 8 parts, you can dip in and out of the whole piece but, for me, I like it as one whole track and worked really hard to make it a worthwhile ride through my psyche.

The track is about the whole 'inside/outside' element we all possess. Y'know, that kind of thing where how you appear to someone else is not how you feel inside, sort of like sad clowns and happy undertakers...

I wanted this extended piece to ride the waves of a person struggling with the day-to-day, losing their marbles, but somehow escaping into a better, more protective space. If anything, there's more of me in this whole piece than I'm prepared to admit but realising my own catharsis was more rewarding than I could've ever imagined.

Maybe that's why I adore it..."
LR-Dec 2016


released March 9, 2015

All songs written by Lee Rogers

Recorded at Joe's Garage, Norwich, England
August 2014 - January 2015

Mastered by Lee Rogers - February 2015



all rights reserved


Lee Rogers Norwich, UK

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